Useful details about my galleries


Available Gallery Item

The Available gallery contains the items I currently have made and ready for sale. It's mostly earrings, because those are quick to make and also my most requested item type. I have only one of each design in stock, unless otherwise noted. In most cases I have the materials to make you a matching or coordinated necklace or bracelet. If you're interested in a set, please contact me.

Purchases can be made by contacting me and I will ship the order out by mail as soon as we've settled payment. Or if you're local and would like me to bring the item to a meeting with you that can be arranged too.


Inspiration Gallery Item

In the Inspiration gallery you'll find pieces that I'm not currently making. Some designs were made with materials I can't often get my hands on, but if you really want something like it, I can try to track down the materials. Some are completely original designs I intended to make only for myself or designed to be exclusively for a friend or customer. There are also pieces I've made for myself in my metalsmithing class and never really intend to put into production. Those that I'm willing/able to duplicate will have a comment in the description. Contact me with the details of your request if you want to discuss having me make a variation of one of these designs for you.


Customize Gallery Item

The Customize gallery contains examples of designs I can make to order according to your specifications. Change the color, change the type of metal used, request them longer, shorter, round beads instead of bicones…let your imagination run wild, and I'll do my best to create the jewelry item of your dreams. Please read the custom order section of my buying information just to make sure you cover all of the details to get our discussion of your special project started. Note that all pricing in the Customize gallery is an estimate based on the original design; your variation may cost more or less due to changes in material prices and the specifics of your requested variation.