Explanation of Optional Elements for Custom Designs

Earwire Styles

French Earwire Ball Front Earwire Angular Earwire Round Earwire
Basic French Earwire Ball-Front Earwire Angular Earwire with Optional Bead Round Earwire
Square Earwire Inverted V Earwire Hook-Back Earwire  
Square Earwire Inverted V Earwire Hook-Back Earwire  

Earwires need to function to hold the earring in your year, but they can also boost the personality of the design. The French and Ball-Front styles are probably the ones you see most often; they're simple, and work with pretty much any design. The Angular style is also sometimes called "perfect balance" because it can help reduce the chances of an earring, particularly a swingy or heavy style, slipping out of your ear. If you have any trouble with earwires working their way out of your ears I recommend using rubber stoppers on the backs of your earwires, or maybe you'd be better off with the Hook-Back style, since the back closure should help it stay on, even if it swings a lot. If you like a bead on your earwire to compliment the rest of the earring design, the Angular and French styles are your best choice (do remember that adding a bead to an earwire will make the earring hang lower!). These designs are all shown in Sterling or Argentium silver, but they can all be made in gold-filled wire too. The Angular and French styles are available in various colors of niobium as well. If you really want one of the other styles in niobium, contact me and we'll see what we can work out.

Clasp Styles

Lobster Claw Clasp Basic Toggle Clasp Fancy Toggle Clasp Hook and Eye Clasp
Lobster Claw Basic Toggle Fancy Toggle Hook & Eye
S Clasp Snap Clasp Fold-over Clasp Bead Clasp
S-Clasp Snap Clasp Fold-over Clasp Bead Clasp

Clasp choice often comes down to choosing the style that you find easiest to use when putting on and taking off your bracelet or necklace. Fancy clasp designs can also add to the beauty of your piece, particularly if a necklace features the clasp in the front, or if you have short hair and want a bit of focus from the back view. Although fancy clasps can add to the visual interest of a bracelet, I do not recommend large clasps for bracelets as they can get in the way. The examples shown above are just a few of the most basic designs that I have and I can get many more looks, if you want something specific to go with your custom design idea. Toggles and hook & eye designs can get quite elaborate and decorative. Other styles are also available; if you prefer a fish-hook or box clasp, or something else, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you. Do note that these images are not to scale!

Lobster claw clasps don't offer much visual boost to a design, but if you're able to work the tiny spring lever, they stay in place very well. Toggles are often easier for a person to use to put a bracelet or necklace on without assistance and if the right toggle is used for the design they rarely come open accidentally. Hook & eye and S clasps are generally easy to use, but can have a tendency to come open accidentally, especially on loose bracelets. Snap clasps are great for bracelets, easy to put on and take off without assistance, but I have not yet found any in solid sterling silver; all of my snap clasps are silver or copper plated. The fold-over clasp also works nicely for bracelets and is quite secure, although not very interesting to look at. Like the snap clasps, I have not found fold-over clasps in precious metals; the one shown is solid copper. Bead clasps work nicely if you want the clasp to blend right into the design, but they can be fiddly to use.

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